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    General Rules


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    General Rules

    Post by Admin on Wed Nov 19, 2014 10:25 am


    These are the general, every-day rules of our site. We fully expect each and every one of our users to follow these rules to the 't'. These are easy, simple rules and they should be easy to follow. If these rules are too hard for you, you do not belong on this site.

    1. No Godmodding -Godmodding is when a character is invincible or unbeatable, or tries to control other characters. This is a BIG NO-NO in roleplaying. Your character should be believable. Nobody is perfect (even if you happen to believe that you are). Everyone has quirks and makes mistakes, and your characters should reflect that. Also, other user's characters are THEIR characters, not yours, so you may not control their character without their explicit permission. If you are found breaking this rule, you will receive TWO warnings. If you continue to godmod after you have been warned, you will be suspended from the site for a week. If you continue after your suspension, we will ban your IP altogether. Understood? Good.

    2. No Multiple Accounts - It may be tempting to make another account, so that you may have a second character, but this unacceptable as well. It is deceiving and wrong, and if you are found out to have made a multiple account, the multiple will be deleted and you will be spoken to by an Admin. If we deem your actions to warrant it, we may suspend your account for a week. So please, just be content with one account.

    3. Respect other members - This should be a given. Be respectful and accept that everyone has differences. If someone asks you to stop speaking about a certain topic or to stop bothering them, respect their wishes and stop. If you are found to be causing problems repeatedly, you will be spoken to by an Admin or Mod. If your unacceptable behavior continues, you will be suspended for a week. If your behavior continues after your suspension, your IP will be banned. We have a no-nonsense policy here. Please just respect us and our rules and we won't have a problem.

    4. No death - Killing off characters is unacceptable. If you are just going to kill off a character, why bother roleplaying with said character? We would prefer that you keep death out of your character's history as well, though each situation is unique. If you place death in your history, there is no guarantee that it will be accepted. It will be reviewed by the admins and we will decide whether it is acceptable for the site. Please keep death out of your Roleplay as well. The worst thing that can happen to any human or Pokémon is for them to faint.

    5. Keep things PG-13 - This site holds younger members who we do not want exposed to mature ideas and words. We do have a filter on the chatbox, but we do expect that foul language to be kept to a minimum. Gore is limited, though mentioning blood is allowed. As stated previously, there is no death on this site as several of our founding members are sensitive to such things (not to mention its no fun). Punishments for breaking this rule are as stated previously - warnings, suspension, and finally banning of your IP. If you have read this far in the rules, add this code to your bio template: [ color=#617EE6]. Place it around your name, and don't forget the [ /color] at the end! If you copy/pasted, remove the spaces from the code, as well.

    6. One Character per User - After some contemplation, the Admins have decided to allow only one character per user. Since one can have as many pokemon as one can catch, and humans change their appearance and personality all the time, we have decided that allowing second characters would be pointless. This MAY change in the future if we decide that there is merit to having more than one character, but for now you may only have one character. Do NOT bother the Admins about adding more characters to the one character limit, as if you do so, the likelihood of the Admins adding another character will severely decrease.

    7. Leveling - Gaining a level on this site is easy. For each full page that you have RPed, you will recieve 3 Experience Points, to be distributed among the pokemon your character has with them at the time. 5 Experience Points equals a level. Simple and easy. Just remember to keep track of your pages, as we will not do that for you.

    8. Threads - We allow liquid time here -which means that your character can be in multiple threads at the same time. We have a maximum of 6 threads per character. BUT - you may buy more Thread Slots at the Site Store for 1,000 gems each.

    9. Solo Threads- These are threads where you are advancing your character or their pokemon without the interference of another user. These are a privilege, and if we find that solo threads are being abused, we WILL ban them, so act wisely. You may only have one solo thread at a time. An encounter manager must post in between any of your posts unless you are rolling a die. When you have finished a solo thread, let an Encounter Manager know, and they will dish out the appropriate Exp. Points based on what you accomplished in the thread. After you have completed a solo thread, you MUST wait at least SEVEN days before starting another solo thread.

    10. Held Items/Berries: These are completely up to you whether your pokemon can hold an item or a berry, but they do not affect any of the systems (battle, encounter, etc) at all. They are merely flavor items to add interest to a roleplay.

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