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    Martin Ashdown

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    Martin Ashdown

    Post by Savato on Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:00 pm

    Name: Martin Ashdown

    Gender: Male

    Age (must be 10 +): 36

    Appearance: Good evening.

    Personality: Martin is a rather kind and considerate fellow. Being quite averse to fighting, he prefers to focus on the bond between his Pokémon and himself instead. Thus he only battles when someone's life is in danger and refuses to catch any Pokémon that doesn't willingly let itself get caught. While normally quiet and nonconfrontative, he will however speak up against the mistreatment and abuse of Pokémon, should he discover it. Not wanting for any Pokémon to get hurt, he thus wanders along a path of peace, hoping to find others to wander with him.

    History (should be of considerable length *8 sentences*):
    Born as the son of a psychologist in the town of Amicitia, Martin had had the opportunity to learn about understanding the feelings of human and Pokémon alike from his childhood on. As he grew up he then soon began to realize his talent in understanding the feelings a Pokémon felt towards its trainer but was unable to express in an intellegible manner. Thus it was no surprise that he took up the job of a Friendship Tester at a young age already. During this time he met trainers and Pokémon of all kinds. Some of these pairs had developed bonds of astounding strength, others...not as much. It were experiences that showed these bonds between a trainer and their Pokémon that finally inspired Martin to try and venture out into the world on his own for once. Since he abhors fighting, there isn't really a goal he is pursuing other than to bond with his Pokémon, meet new people, see new places and have fun. Where will his journey lead him?

    Starter: Sera

    Species: Togepi

    Gender: Female


    -Growl (Start)
    -Charm (Start)
    -Metronome (Lvl. 5)
    -Morning Sun (Egg)

    Ability: Super Luck

    Personality: Sera is a rather energetic and quirky Pokémon. As with most any baby, she simply wishes for everyone to be happy all the time. She is blissfully naive and thus never seems to understand that there can be too much playing around and she tends not to understand the importance of bedtime. But despite her exhausting nature, she is a warmhearted Pokémon, who seems to find a friend in everyone she meets. And while she has no trouble seeing the good even in scary Pokémon, she tends to get rather frightened in case these other Pokémon are interested in more physical conversation.

    History: During his work as a Friendship Rater, Martin had met many a Pokémon and many a trainer as well. And while most of these were happy pairs, there were the ones whose relationship wasn't all that great as well. One of these was the relationship between Sera and her former trainer. During the rating, the Togepi simply ran away, hiding from her trainer. The trainer meanwhile didn't care enough and simply walked away. With enough kind words and lots of patience Martin was then eventually able to convince the Togepi to stop hiding. From then on the two have been best friends and are never seen apart.

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    Re: Martin Ashdown

    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 22, 2014 9:26 pm

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