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    Summer Eucliffe

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    Summer Eucliffe

    Post by Summer on Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:08 pm

    Name: Summer Eucliffe
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Summer has a rather fiery personality matching that of her fiery red hair. She is a very confident individual in the way that she doesn't take insults or failures to heart, however she is very short tempered and can often verbally lash out at others that make fun of her. As a result of these traits, Summer can be quite reckless and unpredictable, however you wouldn't find anyone more loyal than her. Once befriended, Summer won't leave a friend behind for any reason. She'd go to the ends of the earth to bring back a friend who had fallen into despair or darkness should the situation call for it. Cheerful and optimistic, when in a bad place Summer is usually the last one to be affected by how desperate a situation is, if she is even affected at all. She'll always seek to raise the hopes of others and find the small positives in the vast negative, hating to see anyone down and upset. However, this does not mean that she is immune to feeling sadness or despair, just that she is more easily able to keep a wrap on how those emotions are outwardly expressed.

    As a trainer, Summer is ridiculously determined and has tenacity to rival that of a Bagon, the pokemon who constantly hurls itself off cliffs, seeking to attain it's dream of flight. She refuses to give up until there is truly no way to win. This mindset doesn't apply just to battling however, and any problem, milestone or hindrance Summer encounters in her life is overcome in much the same way, by Summer purely refusing to give up whilst she has something to live for.

    Summer was born into a family of performers who specialised in fire breathing. Her mother and father were naturally fire pokemon trainers (living in Mearmorea for that specific purpose) and were quite famous in their time for their talents as, unlike most other firebreathers, they had trained themselves so that their hands were immune to burns, allowing them to put on a more convincing performance. Though their profession wasn't the most well paid, they enjoyed what they did and met many people and pokemon they could call friends (including each other) because of it.
    When Summer was born, her mother, Alanna, temporarily retired from fire breathing to look after her. However, as Summer grew up and Alanna went back to working as a fire breather and became gym leader of Mearmorea as her fire pokemon were unbeatable. Summer became curious of her parents' profession as she grew and wanted to be taught how to fire breath too. Hesitantly, the two agreed, training her as they had been trained (between Alanna's gym leader commitments). Summer, being as determined as she is, worked tirelessly without complaint to make her parents proud of her ability. She learned to fire breath in different styles and use dusty materials such as cinnamon to produce different effects in tandem with pokemon in order to put on an interesting performance. She even ended up training herself to be immune to burns on her hands just like her parents were.
    After being fully trained, Summer took up a role in her parents' fire breathing show, which was held in Mearmorea's gym, and for years she enjoyed doing what she did, despite still being young. However, she would always watch longingly as trainers would pass through, challenging her mother, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. She didn't quite realise that she wanted to be like those many who challenged gyms and entered contests across the region.
    Though Summer herself didn't realise, it appeared her parents did. On her fifteenth birthday, Alanna and Chris(her father) chose to give her a pokemon of her own as a present. That pokemon was a rare Larvesta, whom Summer named Soleila. Alanna and Chris voiced what they had observed, willing Summer to go on a journey of her own, perhaps discovering her own place in the world rather than walking in their shadows. Summer couldn't have been happier with the opportunity and spent the next few months bonding with her new pokemon friend before they were to set off on their journey. She made a promise to her mother that one day she would come home and challenge her gym, Alanna replying that she would look forward to that day.

    EDIT: Due to post approval character ideas I was given permission to alter Summer's history. All that changed is that her mother is now Mearmorea's gym leader.

    Just a quick note, Summer always carries around cinnamon and her family's specially developed fuel so she can still practice her fire breathing when she wants to.

    Name Soleila [so-lay-lah]
    Species: Larvesta
    Gender: Female
    Level: 5
    Moveset: Ember, String Shot, Morning Sun(Egg)
    Ability: Flame Body

    Soleila, often nicknamed Sol or 'lei-lei' when Summer is playing around, is a quiet individual. This quietness however, masks a hidden fire that is similar to Summer's own personality. As equally determined as her trainer, Soleila is not one to give up. She is however more calculative than her trainer and is less reckless as a result. The duo work well with one another as Soleila will often notify Summer when an idea isn't worth trying or is too reckless, keeping her at least somewhat grounded. That said, Soleila is not one to stand by and let something bad happen and can at times be as reckless as Summer when she gets fired up about something.

    Is explained in history.

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    Re: Summer Eucliffe

    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 22, 2014 8:36 pm

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