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    Annabelle Lee


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    Annabelle Lee

    Post by Tiolahi on Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:51 pm

    Name: Annabelle Lee

    Gender: Female

    Age: 10


    Personality: Annabelle is a rather studious girl, sticking to books and being alone instead of making a lot of friends and going out places for fun. Her favorite thing to read is poetry, often delving into a books of poems or any place else a poem is placed. She's very sweet, often trying her best to help somebody out, even when she extends her kindness so much she does something extreme. Due to this though, she is often picked on and taken advantage of. This has made her very shy of people, often stuttering over her words, as well as very quiet. It often takes time of knowing her before she speaks above a whisper.

    History: Annabelle was raised in the city, living in the everyday, normal middle class life. She didn't often go out, as she only really made trips to either the library or school. Her parents often worked to keep their lives alright as school-teachers, so during the day she didn't often see them. It wasn't until she was around nine did she take a real interest into pokemon training though, her curiosity having been sparked when she seen a trainer showing off the moves of his pokemon, a Roserade. She fell in love with how beautiful grass type pokemon could be, and began to study more on these pokemon and planning to try and get one of her own somebody. This didn't happen as she planed though, because one day her parents came to her, holding a Cyndaquil in their arms as they handed it to her for her tenth birthday. Annabelle wasn't all to happy at first, since a Cyndaquil was a fire pokemon, and she wanted a grass type. Slowly, though surely, she began to fall in love with the Cyndaquil, naming her Morrigan eventualy. Now she often walks with her pokemon, excited to be able to have her by her side and learn from her.

    Starter Name: Morrigan

    Species: Cyndaquil the Fire Mouse Pokemon

    Gender: Female

    Level: 5


    ~ Tackle

    ~ Fire Blast

    Ability: Blaze

    Personality: She is rather hot-headed, ready to enter a battle at any moment in time, especially when a challenge is raised. She is often full of energy to, able to keep going for a while in battle without wearing down to badly. She is like Annabelle though when it comes to how lovable she is, often wanting to be held when resting or just to be loved upon or played with. She's also a little bit of a pig, often able to eat a lot if she gets the chance to, which makes her drowsy and want to fall asleep.

    History: Morrigan was born in a pokemon shelter, being raised there by the owners when the trainer to her parents didn't want to take her. She didn't have time though to be trained to much, as it wasn't long until she reached level 5 that a couple walked in, asking for a cute and easy pokemon for their daughter. Morrigan had the luck though that she was the only pokemon there for a time, aside for an Onyx and a Snivy. She found herself being carried home by that couple, her squirming as she was anxious to meet who she was going to.[/b][/b]

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    Re: Annabelle Lee

    Post by Admin on Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:40 pm

    ~Accepted by Admin~

    ~On a side note, we really only wanted the name in that color, but the color still tells me that you read the rules. ^^. Also, this is not required, but Cyndaquil can also learn leer by level 5. Other than that, you can head on over HERE to create your Character Records. Hope to see you around the site!~

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