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    Caim Thyodor (Blade's character)


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    Caim Thyodor (Blade's character)

    Post by Blade on Mon Nov 24, 2014 11:30 am

    Name:  Caim Thyodor
    Gender: Male
    Age (must be 10 +): 19
    Appearance: Caim is a tall, somewhat skinny individual, standing at about 6 ft. 4. His hair is of black coloration, which pretty much matches the majority of his clothes, the majority of which are all of the same colour, from the simple pair of black trousers and he wears, to the undone jacket he wears over the top of his grey shirt, and last of all to the black pair of fingerless gloves that he wears. his eyes are a greenish blue in coloration.
    Personality: As an individual, Caim is pretty much a very shy individual. he struggles quite a bit with initiating conversation with others, with him stuttering somewhat often if he isn't used to an individual, especially so if Deimos is not present. He somewhat detests those who act as if they're better than anyone else, although due to him being timid around unknown individuals, he finds it sometimes difficult to argue against them, leading him to pretty much become submissive at times.

    When he has grown used to someone after a decent amount of time though, his kinder side, which often is more so present when alone with Deimos, makes itself known. At these times he is far more friendly, and it causes him to do his best to deal with his shyness.
    History: Caim was born in a different, far off region to harmony, to a simple enough family, he had two parents and a younger sister. His Sister was always the focus of his parents, to the point that Caim felt as if he was never even noticed unless he spoke up about something, which he typically found difficult, he didn't want to anger anyone, so the majority of the time, he just remained silent.

    Eventually, Caim finally had decided to try and perhaps make some friends in his area, but when he tried, that's when things just went more so down hill for him. for some reason, be it something he said, or just the kind of people he tried to befriend, most people refused to befriend him. Even worse though was what things turned into, soon enough he found himself the target of constant bullying, him being targeted due to his shyness, and lack of courage in terms of speaking up. It wasn't physical, but instead emotional, a pain which Caim most certainly didn't appreciate, it didn't take long for him to start getting idea's... one of which, he decided to follow through.

    Due to there being no help in sight, he found himself running away from home for a while, he figured if he could just get away from all the pain, perhaps it'd finally stop, little did he know, the move he'd made was going to lead into something much more. Sitting at a base of a tree in some random route he hadn't taken the time to learn the name of, he just sat there, thinking, wondering if anyone would even notice he was gone... to no avail.

    Hours went by, and nothing, no one came to look for him, no seems to care, that was how he felt, it was at this point though, he finally spotted something along the tree line, he saw a body of white, and a black horn and tail. He wasn't aware what species of Pokémon this was, and at the moment, he partially didn't care, he just thought it'd cause him problems as well... how wrong he was.

    Soon enough, the white bodied Pokémon approached him, it didn't say anything, all it did was move over, and sit by his side... Caim was quite confused at first, although he was glad it wasn't causing problems for him. Soon enough he glanced at the Pokémon, the Absol, and sighed, muttering words to himself, which were pretty much "So... you just want to get away from everything to huh? guess it's somewhat reassuring to know I'm not the only one". Needless to say, the Absol reacted appropriately, giving Caim a simple nod of the head, it refused to leave, even at one point at which Caim had asked why it was staying.

    Caim felt the hours pass, as he merely sat there with the Absol, thinking about what could be done, it was at this point that Caim finally heard someone speak... it was his sister of all people, which he found quite surprising. As he glanced around he saw her approach, visually, he could tell she was worried, yet confused at the same time by the presence of the Pokémon, which she called an Absol. Caim merely sighed and explained what he'd worked out, causing her to sigh as well. after some deliberation, she walked away, with Caim following her back home, but not before glancing towards the Absol, saying he'd come back.

    And so he did, most people didn't even make much of Caims attempt at running away from the pain, some just thought he wanted some time to think, that thought was supported, as each day, Caim returned to that one spot, always to find the Absol waiting for him. They never spoke to each other, but sometimes, bonds aren't formed by words, but by actions, or even just being there. When the time came, he finally did speak up, a good few day's after having started coming each day. "So... we're the same in the regard of just wanting to get away... I may know a way, all I ask is... do you wish to come with me, away from all this, friend?" Caim had asked, and he was met with a simple nod from the Absol, who he had finally decided a name for... he'd decided to call it Deimos, since Caim had realized, if it wasn't for all the pain, he wouldn't have finally made such a friend.

    Setting off one last time away from Deimos, Caim returned to his sister, who had managed to acquire an Empty Pokeball, a Pokedex, and a ticket to a ferry, one that lead to a completely different region. He didn't question how she acquired them, but for the first time in quite a while, he smiled and gratefully accepted them. Saying goodbye to his sister, Caim set off once more, Returning to Deimos. When he arrived, he quickly explained the plan to the Absol, who found himself merely nodding. After getting the Absol's permission, Caim used the Pokeball to capture Deimos, and then set off.

    After several hours of travelling, he finally arrived at the town at which he was able to catch the ferry. Barely making it in time, he got on the ferry that was bound for the new region, which was apparently named Harmony, he smiled to himself, and found himself finally relaxing, being exited to see what new life he and Deimos could forge in the foreign land on the horizon... and that is his story, leading up to now.

    Starter: Deimos
    Species: Absol, the Disaster Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Level: Starters begin at Level 5.
    Future sight (Level 1)
    Quick attack (Level 1)
    Feint (Level 1)
    Stone Edge (TM)
    Ability: Super Luck
    Personality: As an individual, Deimos is usually a quiet Pokémon, just like how Caim himself isn't exactly much of a talkative individual, Deimos however is seemingly always calm and has a habit of acting quite serious when necessary, never seeing the point behind humor. The majority of the time, Deimos merely remains silent, be it when spoken to by another trainer, or by other actual Pokémon, the only individual he seems to react reliably to is Caim.

    At other times, Deimos's attitude seems to reflect the scenario, if his trainer is in danger, Deimos because much more aggressive to the source of the threat, but only to a certain degree, he understands that there are limits as to how far he can go with said aggression. When it's a scenario in which Caim becomes uncomfortable, Deimos merely remains silent, however his attitude has somewhat of a chance to shift suddenly into something more violent, once again, in order to protect Caim. If it's a scenario where Caim is more so with friends, Deimos seems let up somewhat on his seriousness, and appears to be willing to be a bit more friendly with those he knows are trustworthy.
    History: Explained within Caim's history.[/b][/b]

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    Re: Caim Thyodor (Blade's character)

    Post by Admin on Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:05 pm

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