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    Cecil Bookman


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    Cecil Bookman

    Post by BlueKat12 on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:00 am

    Name: Cecil Bookerman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Picture is not mine, I did not draw it and I do not claim it to be mine in any way shape or form.

    Personality: Coming from a rich and lenient family, Cecil thinks highly of himself, and worries more about himself than others. He's rather confident in everything, even things he has never tried before. If he loses at something, he will generate an excuse, "It was luck", "I wasn't feeling it", or "I let you win". He was seen as a jerk in his hometown, his friends only really sticking around for the amazing games, rooms, and access to many things he had. He expects only the highest of respect, and isn't afraid to put those who don't give him it in their places. He isn't afraid to get dirty, and will fight hand to hand if needed. As big of a jerk as this man seems, he does have at least a few redeeming qualities. He takes care of his friends, he uses his money to help them out in times of need or in any other way he can seeing as he's lost access to that money. He rather quick to befriend someone, gullible really as he believes people fairly quickly.

    Born into a rich family that owns a fair share of a pokeball industry through the stock markets and are considered experts at the sport, he grew up with a fairly toxic relationship with money. He became spoiled, and threw money around like it was nothing. The parent's didn't mind at first, since they seemed to practically be drowning in it. Things changed when they made too big of a risk, and lost a fairly large sum of their money, and were reduced back to the commoner status.

    Their son's spending habits began to hinder them greatly, as he spent his share willy nilly on the latest things for his friends. They tried to stop him, gradually growing in punishments before they finally grew fed up with their son, and shipped him out to the place known as the Harmony Region. They gave the only pokemon they could afford, and sent him with the message; "Make your own damn money!" ringing in his head.

    Cecil was rather confused, he did not know of their drop in money, as he had not been told. He had thrown a fit on the way out, enraged by his parent's suddenly cutting him off from their funds, giving him a pokemon and shipping him to some unknown place, and arceus only knows how dangerous it was!

    Once he arrived, he finally examined his pokemon to find...a remoraid. WHAT? He attempted to call his parents, contact them in any way, but they refused all answers. He was on his own.

    Starter Name:  Calypso
    Species: Remoraid
    Gender: Female
    Level: 5
    - Water Gun (Beginning)
    - Flamethrower (TM, yeah it doesn't make sense but it can learn it)

    Ability:[/b ]Sniper: Power of critical-hit moves is increased to 225% rather than 150%.
    A rather laid back remoraid, she prefers to lay still and enjoy herself. She rather despises being in the heat, having difficulty keeping wet in dry land, and will flail until she reaches water without flailing in any general direction. She can't stand the dirt, and will only remain calm when not in the water when in something's arms. She battles when necessary, and will sometimes give up when things aren't going well. She needs some encouraging to get her going, which is rather rare due to frustration and impatience from Cecil.
    History: She was raised in a lab where she was bought by Cecil's parents. She was given to Cecil and traveled with him to the Harmony region.

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    Re: Cecil Bookman

    Post by Admin on Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:06 am

    ~Accepted by Admin~

    ~You receive 3000 gems to begin with, as well as 5 regular pokeballs! Don't forget to create your Character Records HERE, and have fun roleplaying!~

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