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    Sean 'Suds' Red


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    Sean 'Suds' Red

    Post by Suds on Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:57 pm

    Name: Sean 'Suds' Red
    Gender: Male
    Age (must be 10 +): 15
    Personality: Sean is a somewhat shy guy, but has no problem hanging out with people he's already befriended.  He's a kind, generous teen, always there to help out a friend, family, even a stranger.  Everyone knows him for his politeness.  He's very intelligent, usually receiving higher grades than his peers.  His most valued trait is his optimism.  He sees the glass half full.  His biggest flaw is that when he's angry, he throws his fury at almost everyone around him.  He's a bit impatient, but will wait for a close friend.
    History (should be of considerable length *8 sentences*): Sean grew up in the town of West Grove.  Sean was an only child until the age of 12, when his baby brother, George, was born.  His parents had started to take time to spend with George, and Sean had spent more time in the woods.  He had met many of the Pokemon in the forest around his home.  He came back for dinner every evening, and went back the next day after school.  After he turned 13, his parents had finally noticed he was going to the forest for a longer time than they had thought.  His dad, in an effort to keep him safe, set him to work everyday, giving him a weekly allowance.  Sean saved up his money for over a year, and had given most of it to different charities, helping sick children, or find homes for homeless men and women, and preserving Pokemon filled areas.  He was still able to find time for his Pokemon friends in the forest.  The day he turned 15, Sean decided to go and catch his first Pokemon.  He went to the local Pokemart to buy an Ultra Ball, and went back to the forest by his house.  As soon as he got to the forest, his first friend from the forest, a Fennekin.  He asked if she was certain that she wanted to go with him on the adventure he had set himself on, and she replied by jumping into the Pokeball, and allowing herself to be captured.

    Starter Name: Kasai
    Species: Fennekin
    Gender: Female
    Level: Level 5
    - Wish (Egg Move)
    - Scratch (Start)
    - Tail Whip (Start)
    - Ember (Start)
    Ability: Blaze
    Personality: Kasai is a very outgoing Pokemon.  She loves to play with many other Pokemon and humans.  She's a bit feisty, and hates it when other Pokemon steal from her.  She's almost completely fearless, as she's only afraid of being alone.  She's very stubborn, too, never letting anything stop her.
    History: Kasai was walking through the woods alone.  She was with her family, but got lost when she smelled a flower.  She was trying to make it back to her home, but was panicking too much to really get anywhere.  That was when Sean had turned up, walking in the forest as well.  He had seen the small fire Pokemon, wide-eyed and rapidly breathing, and decided to pick her up and find a safe place for her.  Sean found a cave, and set her down in it.  Kasai was in awe, that such a big creature could be so kind, and she wanted to be his friend for the rest of her life.  They had started to bond, and Sean came back every day after that, making more friends all the time.  When he decided he wanted to go on an adventure, Kasai wanted to go with him, and so she did.  That was the beginning of Sean and Kasai's adventures.
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    Re: Sean 'Suds' Red

    Post by Savato on Wed Dec 03, 2014 1:11 pm

    You have been given 3000 Harmony Gems and 5 Pokéballs!
    Please remember to create your character records and have fun roleplaying!


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