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    The Story Of Sean 'Suds' Red


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    The Story Of Sean 'Suds' Red

    Post by Suds on Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:37 pm


    Sean Red woke up on his 15th birthday, the day he decided he wanted to leave his home and go on an adventure. He went down the stairs, the smell of waffles and bacon in the air drawing him towards the kitchen. His favorite breakfast, which he asked for a few days ago, was the first sign of a good birthday.

    He looked over to his mother, who was still slaving over the oven, making more waffles for his father and brother, who were playing together in the living room. His mother was a pretty woman, her long, dark brown hair running over her dark blue eyes. He milky white skin had a small nose and thin lips on a nice, oval shaped, small head. Her slender, tall figure had few imperfections, which is why Sean's dad had asked her out in the beginning, but married her for her kindness and her cute shyness.

    His father, on the other hand, was rough and strong, built for work. His stubble on his jaw was scratchy, and his chocolate hair was in a tangled mess. His glasses covered his ice blue eyes, and his large nose went over his thick lips. His body was strong and well built. His baby brother was small, and could barely walk or talk. His hair was blonde, his eyes a dark blue.

    Sean's features were such a mash up of his parents, he looked like he didn't belong in the family, but still looked like he was their son. His dark brown hair was like his dad's and his eyes were as ice-colored as his. His body was more slender and tall, like his mother. His lips were mediocre, his nose more average sized.

    (Too tired to continue, will finish soon)

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