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    Leann Frost


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    Leann Frost

    Post by Crow on Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:00 pm

    Name: Leann Frost
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Personality: Leann is generally refined and polite when talking to others, as well as relatively smart, making most people believe she is a model student. Despite this appearance Leann is stubborn, and competitive, not unwilling to use tricks or street tactics to achieve her goals. This is not to say that she isn't hardworking, as she would train for days if she felt the need, but ultimately if she's stuck in a corner she will weasel her way out of it. She tends to refrain from talking unless if she is absolutely forced to do so, but when she does speak, between her polite words, one can find as many insensitive ones to replace them. To gain the trust of Leann would be very difficult indeed, and to be called a 'friend' of hers likely means she feels like she can use you in some way or another.
    Leann was born in Karyuu City, to the well established Frost family, one of the more popular fashion designers in the city. Ever since she could remember, Leann has been told that she could do anything in life, if she aspired to become so because of her heritage. Her parents sent her off for a basic education at a private school when she was ten years old, on the condition that she would try and figure out what she wanted to become, so she could immediately transfer out and specialize in that area. Once Leann went through her first few months of school, she began to slowly realize something.

    She hated to lose.

    While 'losing' could mean different things in different subjects, whenever Leann missed an answer, and someone else got it right, she would immediately feel a surge of jealousy. At first, this benefitted her, as she would study harder, work longer, and do better just to feel the satisfaction of being the first one done, or getting the highest score in her class. Of course, her peers would often gossip, and call her a 'teacher's pet' but to Leann, those words meant nothing. For someone who was "the best", they didn't have the time, or need to talk to others.

    A few more years passed, and at the age of thirteen, another student joined the school. At this point, Leann grew a little less obsessed with being "the best", as she began to forget the anger of anyone 'beating' her, since she never was 'beaten' anymore. But when the new transfer joined, those feelings returned.

    He easily surpassed her in everything she did.

    Despite the fact she began to pull later and later hours of studying, the new student would get at least 1 more percent than she did, or finish in no time at all. This annoyed her to no end, until one day, she decided to do something about it. Leann snuck into the teacher's office, and stole the next day's test. After memorizing it, she put it back, and then when she took it, she got an easy perfect score. Even though she felt somewhat guilty, the fact that she finally bested the new student without any effort on her part caused her so much satisfaction that she did it again.

    And again.

    When another year passed, she forgot the guilt, and cheated constantly. The teachers caught her in the act once or twice, but she was let off the hook after she would say that she left her bag, or she was trying to look for more study material. At fourteen, her teachers began to teach something new.

    Pokémon battling.

    Leann loved the competitive factor of Pokémon battling and after a couple of matches, it was apparent that the other student wasn't that great at battling. After doing this for six months, she decided that was the thing she wanted to do, and called up her parents to bring her home so that she could study Pokémon and tactics. Though her parents did have a few misgivings, she was eventually taken home and started learning about Pokémon, and battling.

    Though it was hard to find someone to tutor Leann, she eventually decided to learn by herself, and would buy many books on Pokémon, before studying every single one of them. She read about many Pokémon, from Bulbasaur to around Patrat, since that's where that encyclopedia ended, and since she finished it in the afternoon, she went and bought the second book, to learn about the rest of the Pokémon. After walking out of the store, to her dismay the night was upon her, which meant that she couldn't read anymore, as she planned. She called a car to pick her up, when Leann noticed a purple, swaying light in the distance.

    Thinking that she could use it to warm up while she waited, Leann went closer to the light, trying to ignore the tiredness that crept up. Yawning, she eventually caught up to the light, and tried to pick up what she realized to be a candle, when she noticed the yellow eyes protruding from the 'wax' part. At first she ignored it, but then after picking up the candle it immediately squirmed and cried out. Soon it became apparent that the "candle" was really a Pokémon, so she slowly grabbed one of the Pokeballs which she carried around, and pressed it against one of the Pokémon which she hadn't learned yet. After a couple of seconds, it clicked shut. Picking up her new starter, she heard the honking of a horn and ran to the car, not noticing that the tired feeling had gone away....

    Around the age of 16 she finally learned around every other Pokémon, and had eventually had Aiden start to listen to her. At that, she figured that she had researched enough and left to go and start to go and defeat every single trainer that she would meet.

    Leann: I can never lose.
    Transfer Student: Hey look I got a higher score than you.
    Leann: What no way I'm going to cheat to get back at you all.
    Transfer Student: I suck at Pokémon Battling.
    Leann: That means I'm going to battle professionally to kick people's butts.
    Parents: If you say so.
    Leann: Look at this candle, oh no wait it's a Pokémon gotta catch 'em all.
    Aiden: Oh no, my foolproof plan was foiled!

    Other: Leann gets cold easily, which is why she generally wears a coat almost all the time.

    Starter Name: Aiden
    Species: Litwick
    Gender: Male
    Level: 5
    Ember (Start)
    Astonish (Start)
    Smog (Level 5)
    Flash Fire- Activates when Aiden is hit by a damaging Fire-type move, including Hidden Power Fire, and Will-o-Wisp. When activated, Aiden's damage is increased for the remainder of Pokemon's time on the field. He is also unable to be damaged by Fire-type move, and he is unable to be burned by a Pokemon's Will-o-Wisp.
    Personality: Aiden is selfish and only became Leann's Pokemon after figuring out that she could be used as a constant energy source. In battle, Aiden can be cocky and taunt (not the move) opponents and even allies for fun. Once he realizes that he's losing, then he will retreat and not come out until he's healed up again, even at the risk of his own trainer. Aiden despite appearing to be overly confident, is very prone to making plans of his own, and whenever he thinks it's better than the command his trainer makes, then he'll use it. The Litwick seems to be waiting for evolution, so it tries to conserve it's energy for that moment.
    History: Aiden originally was looking around for a human to go and allow him to 'recharge' and eventually found Leann. He tried sucking the energy but then got captured by her and became her Pokémon. Though at first rowdy, and often tried to get Leann to release him, he soon found that whenever he was out, he never felt the need to 'recharge'. After several times he began to piece together that with a 'Trainer' he would always have some life energy to leech off of, so he slowly became more 'tame' so that Leann would keep him.

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    Re: Leann Frost

    Post by Suds on Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:48 am

    Almost everything about this is great!  There are just a few things needed to be fixed.

    - Aiden's Personality has to be at least five sentences, and his History should be a bit longer, too.

    Other than that, this character is ready, so as soon as those problems are fixed, I'll come back.  Happy editing!

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    Re: Leann Frost

    Post by Crow on Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:56 pm

    Fixed, thank you by the way.

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    Age : 19
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    Re: Leann Frost

    Post by Suds on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:27 pm

    Congrats! You have successfully created a character! Welcome to the family or trainers! I will find and admin to give you your 3000 gems and you get 5 Pokeballs!

    You may now create your character record, and don't forget to add your Pokeballs!


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    Re: Leann Frost

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