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    Leann's Battle Records


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    Leann's Battle Records

    Post by Crow on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:57 pm

    Link to Original Bio: Leann's Memories
    Name: Leann Frost
    Gender: Female
    Badges/Contest Ribbons:
    None as of yet.
    None as of yet.

    Pokemon Obtained
    Aiden-Litwick-Level 5

    Pokemon in Party (max. 6)

    Name: Aiden
    Exp. Points: 0
    Species: Litwick, the Candle Pokémon
    Level: 5
    - Ember
    - Astonish
    - Minimize
    - Smog
    Forgotten Moves:

    Bag Inventory:
    5 Pokeballs

    Total Page Count: 0
    Unfinished Threads:
    -A Lean Sean Fighting Machine-
    Leann and Aiden head to Dramoria and Karyuu City to try to obtain Dragon Type Pokémon, and maybe Dark as well. However, they have to pass through Route 13, and the Crags. And who is that boy who seems to talk about nonsensical ideas?

    Finished Threads:
    None as of yet.

    Battles Won:
    None as of yet.

    Battles Lost:
    None as of yet.

    None as of yet.

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