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    Celine Dubois ~Coordinator~

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    Celine Dubois ~Coordinator~

    Post by Haley on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:20 pm

    Name: Celine Dubois
    Gender: Female
    Age (must be 10 +): 16
    Personality: Celine is an arrogant girl who believes herself to be above everyone that she comes across. She was treated like a princess by her father, who always did anything she wanted, and so she believes that she should be treated like a princess by everyone else. She also believes that her trainer skills are superior because she has had a pokemon since she was six. Celine has a temper that is easy to set off, but while she has a loud screaming voice, she has more bark than bite. She would rather just say mean things and walk away than actually hurt people.

    History (should be of considerable length *8 sentences*): Celine was raised by her single father after her mother left them when she was 4 years old. Her father treats her like a princess and acquiesces to her every demand because she looks so much like her mother and he can't say no to her. When Celine was going to school, she was Miss Popular because her father was pretty rich, being the owner of one of the precious mineral mines in Obsidian Town. She was also the envy of everyone in the class because her father obtained a pokemon for her when she was only six. During one of his trips to the mines, he found a fossil containing the DNA of an ancient pokemon. He brought the fossil to one of his scientist friends, who was able to replicate the DNA and create a pokemon egg containing an aerodactyl. Celine's father gave it to Celine for her sixth birthday and when the aerodactyl hatched, it imprinted on her. She named it Auro, and they have been inseparable since. Despite her father giving her anything she wanted, he didn't let her go on her trainer journey when she was 10 like everyone else, fearful that something would happen to her. But now that she is sixteen and is nearing the age of majority, he has finally allowed her to take her journey. Celine plans to be both the best trainer and the best coordinator, though the dream of becoming the best coordinator is more important to her at the moment.

    Starter: Auro
    Species: Aerodactyl
    Gender: Male
    Level: 5
    -Dragon Breath (egg)
    -Supersonic (start)
    -Fire Fang (start)
    -Ice Fang (start)
    Ability: Unnerve: The opponent Pokémon will never use their held Berry while the Pokémon is in battle.

    Personality: Auro is a haughty pokemon, an attitude that he adopted in response to Cerine's own arrogant nature. Auro is very self-confident and believes that he can defeat almost any regular pokemon because of his natural strength. He is also very spoiled by Celine and is used to getting his way because of this. If he does not get what he wants when he wants it, he becomes sulky and snappish, and the only one safe around him when he is in a temper is Celine, because he would never hurt his best friend. He is very protective of Celine, and when he sees someone trying to hurt her or even acting rudely towards her, he will jump to her defense, baring his sharp teeth and claws, and if she doesn't hold him back, he will attack those who he deems a threat.

    History: Celine's father found a fossil containing the DNA of an Aerodactyl and had Auro created from the DNA by a friend of his. Auro and Celine have been together since Celine's sixth birthday, and they have been inseparable since the day they met.[/b][/b]

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    Re: Celine Dubois ~Coordinator~

    Post by Admin on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:25 pm

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