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    Oh Crag! Tension at Telmhein (Solo)


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    Oh Crag! Tension at Telmhein (Solo)

    Post by Crow on Sun Dec 28, 2014 7:10 pm

    In Leann's mind, there was no obstacle which cannot be crossed, in some way or another. That is why, upon looking at the cliffs which she would have to scale, the first thought that came into her head, was I should take the hot air balloon.

    However, she knew lurking somewhere around here, had to be a strong Pokémon. At least, there should be one that could cover Aiden's weaknesses. So after stretching several times, she headed up the cliffside. Leann kept her mind off of the long journey ahead of her, by trying to speculate what might appear.

    Obviously there would be rock-types....Maybe a few Steel......There was a Mighteyna at the base, so Dark, or Normals....

    But Leann knew exactly what Pokemon she wanted, as rare, and possibly impossible as it was.

    A Dragon Type.
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    Re: Oh Crag! Tension at Telmhein (Solo)

    Post by aMEWzing on Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:29 pm

    ~From the depths of the crags in the earth around, it has been sworn that one can still hear the rumble of an earthquake. What's been said must've been true, for the earth beneath your feet begins to move and tremble. Within seconds it was over, but now a trail of upturning dirt led ahead in front of you. A passing pokemon must have dug right under you. It probably noticed the change in weight after it passed under you, for it dug up now, curiously, to see what kind of thing it could've been.~  

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    Join date : 2014-12-16
    Location : In the Paradise of the South, the Village of Despair

    Re: Oh Crag! Tension at Telmhein (Solo)

    Post by Crow on Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:22 pm

    Leann was immediately interrupted from her somewhat tidy thoughts by neatly falling onto her face. The sudden rumbling from below caught her off guard, and she tumbled over, getting smudge marks on her shirt. Immediately she panicked, partly because she didn't have a spare clean shirt in her bag, and partly because she knew that if the cliffs were unstable, then they could fall down upon her. It was then, she noticed the rising hill of dirt.

    ...A Diglett....?

    That thought came to mind first, since they were known for burrowing, so it was quite to her surprise when a pincer erupted out of the ground, before turning slightly as if to view her. Silently Lean smiled. It must be her lucky day after all.

    Trapinch. Evolves into one of the very rare Dragon-Types. It might not be one of those "Pseudo-legendary" Pokémon, but it has a pretty decent typing of Ground-Dragon, and when it evolves fully into Flygon, it should have only three weaknesses, and two immunities.

    She pulled out some food that she had on her, figuring that since it seemed interested in her, it might move away from the hole it made at the smell of a possible meal, making it easier to capture. Indeed, the Trapinch inched closer, starting to show it's full body. Leann didn't move at all, allowing the Trapinch to move, and finally it decided to lunge to gain the offering as quick as possible, so that it could return back to it's hole and see if it would get anymore. But before it could, Lean quickly pulled out a Pokeball, and held it out in front of her, so that it would run into the device and get sucked in. It dropped with a thud, but Leann took Aiden's Pokeball out from it's ball, ready to send it out if it didn't work and the Trapinch escaped.

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    Re: Oh Crag! Tension at Telmhein (Solo)

    Post by Crow on Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:55 pm

    The Pokeball shook once, then twice, then the Trapinch suddenly appeared in a burst of red light. Of course, despite feeling somewhat disappointed, Leann expected this. That was why she had another Pokeball in her hand. A perfectly healthy Trapinch, would obviously despite being caught off guard, escape. It was to strong to be caught without being weakened. So the moment she saw the red light, she clicked the button on her Pokeball, and in a flash of white, Aiden appeared. The Trapinch seemed somewhat confused, so quietly, she mumbled an order, and then quickly covered her mouth and nose.

    Aiden glowed a soft shade of lilac, before suddenly expelling the glow in a poof towards the unwary Pokémon. The Trapinch blinked, before starting to cough at the fumes. Yet even so, it didn't seem to be affected much by the poison, until Aiden spit out a couple of sparks.

    And then everything went downhill.

    It wasn't like it didn't work, the plan that she had. It was more like it worked to well. Leann knew, that most poisonous gases reacted violently to fire, or at the very least, allowed a flame to be caught. So she had Aiden use Smog, a Poison-Type Move, to wrap around the Trapinch, a Ground-Type, and thus not very effective. Then, she already told Aiden beforehand, to try and set the gases on fire. Since Aiden had no moves that could hurt the Trapinch to badly, she figured that she would have to use brute force to weaken the Trapinch enough for capture.

    So, when the fumes exploded, she wasn't exactly wrong.

    Leann was knocked back a foot or two, and landed on her behind this time, which was lucky since she would have certainly been knocked out if she fell on her head. Aiden didn't seem affected by the blast, on the contrary almost looked like he enjoyed it. On the other hand, the Trapinch took the blunt of the force, and was pretty injured, but it didn't look any less weak.

    You could say it was so angry that at the moment, it couldn't feel the pain.

    The Trapinch quickly kicked dirt in Aiden's direction, and it let of a little cry as it entered into it's eyes, blinding him. As the Candle Pokémon used his little stubby arms to try and wipe it out, the Trapinch walked up to Aiden slowly, before smacking it in the face with a Faint Attack. Leann momentarily panicked, fearing that Aiden would be quickly defeated in this state, blind, being continuously attacked by Dark Type moves that never miss, and unable to fend for himself. Aiden tried to go back to his Pokeball, yet the Trapinch just drew him back. That familiar tiredness crept up again, as Leann began to feel something she almost didn't remember.


    And that's what snapped her out of her trance.

    "Aiden....use Smog, but keep it around you....then...Ember...."

    She called out, and the confused, weakened Pokémon had no choice but to trust in what Leann said, and Aiden formed a small barrier of poison, although causing himself to take some damage due to the closeness of the attack. The Trapinch still attacked blindly, not remembering the last time Aiden did something like this, until noticing the fire to late.

    The Fire Ant Pokémon, needless to say soon would hate fire with a passion.

    It was knocked back several feet by the attack, and laid on the ground weakly trying to get back towards it's home, to rest up and let it's wounds heal, but Leann already had gone up and pulled out a Pokeball.

    "I don't care how many times it takes, I already used to much effort, and pain to let you get away."

    She stated, before throwing the Pokeball at the Trapinch.

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    Re: Oh Crag! Tension at Telmhein (Solo)

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