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    Hunter Rezi


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    Hunter Rezi

    Post by Rezikun on Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:15 am

    Name:[ color=#617EE6]Hunter Rezi[/color]
    Gender: Male
    Age (must be 10 +): 18
    Personality: If hunter could be described in one word it would be cold which is the way he acts to people he doesn't know at all. He always retains a calm emotion when under any form of stress or problem which is why he is always good to have around. Talking is something he doesn't like to do but will if someone tries to talk to him otherwise he will never start a conversation even if it was life or death. Getting close to him would require a lot of awkward silence and some forcing him to talk otherwise he won't consider people allies. Though it is hard to befriend him if someone does manage to work their way into his hear they will find a ally who will always be there and help even at the cost of his own pain
    History (should be of considerable length *8 sentences*): Hunter was left at the door of a orphanage when he was born either the eyes or the fact his parents couldn't afford to keep him hunter didn't mind. He grew up isolated from most of the people in the orphanage but that was because he wanted to be not due to being bullied for his hair or eye's. The two things that made him stand out also made him popular with everyone there though he tried to ignore them loving the silence of being alone that just made people think him to be cooler. When he was seven he stayed in his room for a few months wanting nothing to do and just wanted peace the others thought this to be good for him and have him food through the window in the room. When he was ten he was then the only person who has stayed in there for the first ten years of his life he watched others come and go but he didn't mind nor care that they did so. When he was twelve he started to enjoy the workers there they were the only ones who stayed so while everyone came and left he became friends with the people working there and helped out. When he was fourteen he started to explore around the town walking around he stopped being isolated and slightly broke away from his old shell though he didn't talk much still he was happy. When he was sixteen he got a job working at the same place he had lived his whole life he didn't work for food or a place to stay they let him live there for free but paid him for doing things around the orphanage. When he reached the age of eighteen he decided that he needed to see the whole world for what it was so with a few goodbyes and some tears from the workers he left on his travels where they would take him he didn't know but he would face it

    Species: ralts
    Gender: Female
    Level:Level 5. (Duh)

    Shadow sneak
    Ability: synchronize
    Personality: Angel is a happy Ralts who is always kind to all and never gets mad at any who she likes. She uses psychic a lot to talk to others around her but can sometimes make others have a headache by talking to much. She likes to hug people she likes or senses a good emotion coming from them and will always smile and wave at others. When she senses a person or a Pokemon with a bad emotion coming from them she will hid behind hunter scare of this person or Pokemon this will carry over when she becomes a gardivoir.
    History: imma rp this.
    Raining hard in the night sky as a unknown forest could be seen wet all the trees soaked with water as the uncovered ground was also muddy and wet, though under one of the larger trees was a small green Pokemon slightly huddled together as she waited for the rain to stop though it was still pouring down she just sat and waited.

    Something stood out in the rain as red eyes looked around and red hair soaked was stuck to his head by the water, as he looks around he finds a large tree and decides to walk over to the tree and sit down. As he sits down he notices another figure in the darkness of the tree this was a small Ralts, the Pokemon looks over to the figure sitting next to her as she looks over to the human she slowly goes closer to the human before sitting next to her.

    This was the start of a team that would be unbreakable now if only the rain would stop

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    Re: Hunter Rezi

    Post by Admin on Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:50 pm

    ~This bio is still incomplete.~

    1. You have forgotten our joining key. Please reread the rules more carefully.

    2. This is a cheerful site, and we would like to avoid over-angsty backgrounds for our characters. Please edit your history to reflect this. He can still be cold from being alone a lot, but growing up in an orphanage is a little too dark for how we would like the tone of our site to be. Thank you.

    3. We would prefer for histories to be written in past tense rather than roleplayed in present tense. This allows for easier readability for anyone looking to roleplay with you in the future.

    ~Bump the topic when these edits are completed, and I will come take a look.~

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