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    Valka (or Val)

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    Valka (or Val)

    Post by aMEWzing on Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:19 pm

    Name: Valka
    Gender: Female
    Age (must be 10 +): 15
    Appearance: Fairly tall and thin. Has long, thick turquoise-dyed hair that goes down about a centimeter below her shoulder blades. She always wears long jeans and a black over coat (shell) with a hood, which underneath she wears a light blue sweatshirt. She has "changing eyes" that reflect color around her due to such a light grey/blue shade.
    Personality: Val is extremely obedient, and listens to authority without question. She would follow any order as long as she knew it was right and proper to do so. The only time she ever refuses, argues, or rebels is when it has something to do with Dragons, which she loves. She is kind and caring, and is one who "wouldn't hurt a fly". She likes to appear mysterious, so she often wears her hood and travels alone. She much prefers dragon-types, as she cares for them completely, and wouldn't be as sweet to other types, but still treats them all well.
    History: She was born and raised in Karyuu city, where she was taught by her parents and teachers. She had very few friends when she was young, but they were all close enough to be family. Often times they would go out as a gang and practice parkour, play with balls and objects, and discuss Pokemon together. All of the many wanted to explore the Dragon Roost, but none of them had Pokemon then. Valka always wanted to collect dragon-types and dragon egg group Pokemon, and even hoped of one day becoming a gym leader, as did almost anyone else. The day the five friends were given a chance to get a Pokemon, they knew instantly they would become rivals in the race to championship. Unfortunately, 3 of her friends had taken the available starter Pokemon, while she and her closest friend were stuck with 20 Pokeballs, as well as the usual Pokedex, to start. Valka didn't take this harshly, however, as she knew it gave her a chance to get whatever Pokemon she wanted. While the other friend caught a Pokemon almost instantly, Val waited until the day she encountered a dragon.

    Starter Name: Spry
    Species: Goomy, soft tissue Pokemon
    Gender: Male
    Level: 5 :I (like I had a choice /shot)
    -Tackle (start)
    -Bubble (start)
    -Absorb (level 5)
    -None (I don't want egg moves D:)
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Personality: Is always enthusiastic for battle, and completely adorable at that. His bond with Valka had a strong start, and had only become better ever since. Is a strong fighter for his size, and can become focused in a good battle. Just like Val, he's obedient. Their only difference is that Spry isn't caring, only because he has nothing to care for. He is sweet to those he trusts, and until then, never trusts someone he just met. When something goes wrong, he can be a slight curmudgeon. Other than that, he's very active and energetic.
    History: Valka, with her Pokeballs, started a search for a dragon. She walked across the bases of mountains, looking into caves to see if any were sleeping and easy to catch. On her way to another mountain, knowing dragons usually lived there, she had to pass through a swamp. She wasn't too pleased at this, but there really wasn't a choice. As she traveled through, she saw lots of Pokemon of all kinds, each of which she scanned for her Pokedex: Mankey, Seviper (which even though was in dragon egg group, she didn't like it as much) and tons of other Pokemon. But the digital sounds of the Pokedex must've set a wild Pokemon off, for an Ariados rampaged through, attacking randomly at Pokemon and trees. One of the many Pokemon it attacked, of course, was the Goomy. Val saw it, scanned it, and knew she wanted it, but first she had to save it. She first threw a Pokeball, and because she never threw one before, she missed as it flew by the Ariados. It noticed, and turned to face her, angry. Now scared and more pressured, she whipped another Pokeball at it as it ran toward her, hitting it in the face and bringing it into the Pokeball. She knew it was too strong to possibly be captured without damage, so she ran up to it and kicked it as hard as she could before it even shook once, launching it as far away from her possible. She then carefully approached the Goomy, extending a hand carefully to show she meant no harm. At first, he seemed very skeptical of her, but the Ariados came back out of the failed Pokeball, coming for them again. Thinking fast, Valka grabbed the small gooey Pokemon in front of her and ran for it, the two of them scared as heck. Finally escaping the huge angered insect, Val set the squishy dragon down, checking it for injuries as it looked at her inquisitively. She only smiled, and it finally dawned on the adorable goo ball that she was trying to help. At that, it followed her after she finished inspecting him, and Val knew what it wanted. And so, appropriately after seeing his nature, named him Spry after his energetic personality, and bonded with him in the most unusual way.[/b][/b]

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    Re: Valka (or Val)

    Post by Admin on Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:26 pm

    ~Accepted by Admin~

    ~If you would like, you may add a TM move instead of an Egg move. Other than that, please go HERE to create your Character Records!~

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