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    Caim's Journal


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    Caim's Journal

    Post by Blade on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:47 am

    The first two pages of the journal seem to already be filled with writing, likely from before Caim and Deimos Arrived in the region. The writing regarding their time within Harmony, the new region, begins on page three

    (Page three)
    Day one in Harmony, entry one
    I suppose this will be my first proper entry here after getting on the Ferry. So far, our first day here has been simple enough, The ride on the ferry took much longer than we had anticipated originally, and the waters and winds rocked the boat many times over. Seasickness plagued many on the ship, however, The two of us were lucky, managing to avoid getting into such a state.

    Although it took a long time and the waters were rough, the Ferry did make landfall within the region of Harmony without anything overly serious or dangerous occurring, so the journey to the town of Gardevant went well over all. We'd only just gotten off of the Ferry and started looking around, when we were challenged by some girl who referred to herself as 'Celine Dubois'. She had an Aerodactyl with, and she clearly wanted to harm Deimos, so I Declined her challenge.

    'Celine' seemed to have not been pleased at that, she started insulting us, trying to get us to fight, but we refused and merely began to explore the town. We encountered her once more outside of the Pokémon center, and clearly wanted to fight once again. Using what courage I had, I told her that I wasn't going to fight, that I wouldn't get Deimos harmed, and she seemed to snap. My reaction after getting Deimos healed at the center was to merely ignore her, but she wouldn't let it go.

    Soon enough, she attempted to assault Deimos using her Aerodactyl, so I did what was logical and returned Deimos, only for her to grab me by the arm and begin yelling at me again. At this point, I let my frustrations get to me and snapped right on back, which seemed to have worked, she backed off and walked away.

    Day one in Harmony, entry three
    After our little foray into the route next to the town, the two of us had returned to town to restore Deimos's strength, he didn't battle of course, but the cold and rough winds, alojgn with the sudden need to Sprint, well, it can drain one of their energy quickly. When we went into Gardevants Pokemon centre, it turned out we were followed by some man with a Togepi.

    He called himself Martin and tried to speak to us, although things became quiet extremely quickly... Needless to say it didn't take long to find a way out of the situation having been looking at the map,  the two of us decided to head on up the nearby mountain.

    Day one in Harmony, entry four
    Carrying on from where we'd left off in the prior, short entry, Deimos and myself headed up the snowy mountain that was in the northern area. Needless to say it was rather cold, Deimos didn't struggle with it though considering his species is well suited to the environment. We found ourselves being attacked by a Snover... Deimos seemed to be quite angry, going off of how quickly he defeated the Snover with his Stone Edge.

    The snow that'd been kicked up in the fight trapped a Sneasel under the snow... She was both angry but fear was present as well. We couldn't abandon it, so we digged the Sneasel out, and then I Captured it with an Ultraball. After giving a speech to the Sneasel, she clearly wanted to join us. Now that the cold was getting to me more so, we headed off to some shelter.

    I most certainly wasn't expecting to find Valka there, but there she was, half frozen. Apparently she'd headed up the mountain to try and train her Pokemon against their weakness, but it didn't work out all that well, as was obvious. Dusk, aka Sneasel, she knew the area well, leading us to a geothermally warmed cave.

    Near the back of the journal, a page seems to be already filled, from what could be told from looking at the title, it seems this part of the journal talks about the individuals Caim had encountered, it also gives his opinion on the individuals.

    Individuals of interest.
    Celine Dubois
    Celine appears to be a girl presumably native to the region, going from our encounter, she seems to be overly determined, and she clearly thinks highly of herself. She also proved herself untrustworthy and a dangerous individual when she tried to have her Aerodactyl assault Deimos. I haven't seen her since said encounter, but we know to be cautious now, some people clearly aren't to be trusted.

    Overall, she really seems as if she'd be a pain in the rear in most cases, and there's an extremely small chance that the two of us would get along.

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