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    A Leann, Sean, Fighting Machine


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    A Leann, Sean, Fighting Machine

    Post by Crow on Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:41 pm

    This entire 'adventure' was a simply wretched scheme.

    Was Leann's first thought after she left her establishment. Actually, to be fair, that realization came to her as soon as had to walk across the hard, cracked earth for what seemed to be many hours under the harsh beating sun. She already had removed her stifling jacket, and was traveling around in nothing but a T-shirt, a first for her, and was considering taking off that as well, but quickly voted against the notion, since she was only wearing a tank top under that and was positive there was some pervert off to the side who sat there waiting for people to go around with no sleeves. Aiden's Pokeball was tucked away in her bag on top of her jacket, ready for action if needed be, alongside 5 Pokeballs. After hearing about the Dragon Types south to her city, she decided to head that way, since they were known for their strength and grace.

    And most of them fly.

    It would be wonderful if Litwicks could fly right about now. In fact, she could imagine soaring through the air without any worries. Somehow she doubted the appearance of Flying pokemon in the Crags, the place where she had to pass through to even get to Dramoria, a place with Dark types, and then she had to venture on a little further to Karyuu City. Starting to believe she was lost, Leann wiped off a slightly bigger rock, before gingerly sitting down and pulling out a map, studying it intently.

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    Re: A Leann, Sean, Fighting Machine

    Post by Suds on Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:45 am

    Sean was walking down the route, Kasai on his shoulder as per usual. H was wearing his normal pair of work jeans and his dirty, white t-shirt. His muscles were straining a bit under the pressure of the shirt. His glasses gleamed in the sunlight that was tanning his arms more, and his chocolate colored hair was sticking to his head from the sweat. "Man, it sure is hot out," He thought aloud, "I bet you don't really care much, being a fire type and all, Kasai!" The orange Fire type looked up at her trainer's face, "Fennec! Fen!"

    Sean continued down the path when he saw a figure out in the distance. "I wonder who that could be." He said out loud. As he got closer, he could make out that the figure was definitely female, so he walked a bit slower. Even though he was fairly good looking, he was still very shy when it came to anything like this.


    Posts : 10
    Join date : 2014-12-16
    Location : In the Paradise of the South, the Village of Despair

    Re: A Leann, Sean, Fighting Machine

    Post by Crow on Sun Dec 28, 2014 1:38 pm

    Well I'm not lost....

    Leann upon this realization, folded her map, and tucked it into her bag. She sighed, standing up and dusting her plaid skirt off. Fixing her eyes on the road in front of her, Leann then noticed someone in the distance. From that far away, she could only assume that it was a male, but the person's gender didn't catch her interest. It was the thing which rested upon the human's shoulder.

    Orange, yellow....maybe a little bit of white.....Definitely a Pokémon.

    Judging from it's coloration, it appeared to be a Fire-type, a small one at that, however from this distance, there was a chance that it might be a Wurmple for all she knew. She questioned for a moment why would anyone decide to carry a Fire-Type on their shoulders in this heat, for it would probably just make it even hotter, but she pushed it aside. Quickly pulling Aiden's Pokeball from her bag, she made her way to the trainer.

    If that person really insists on sweating more, then they must be relatively easy to beat. Can't be that smart.

    She reasoned, and as Leann drew closer, the figure sharpened. The trainer did end up being a boy, but her mind was trying to compute her odds of winning against him, now that she identified the Pokémon.

    The Pokémon on his shoulders....A Fennekin. Pure Fire-Type, and pretty rare from what I heard. Probably should have at least one Fire-type move handy, but since Litwick is unaffected by them, that shouldn't be a problem. It seems pretty young, so it most likely has nothing but Normal, Fire, and maybe Psychic-type if it's lucky. Two immunities, and one move with normal damage if I'm unlucky, this should be simple, quick, and done.

    She bowed to the trainer, before straightening, "...Hello." Leann started, "You're a Pokémon Trainer, right? Well I heard that....when two trainers meet....They must battle." She clicked the button on Litwick's Pokeball, and then the Candle Pokémon popped out in a white light.

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    Re: A Leann, Sean, Fighting Machine

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